Day 33 – Queenstown and the exhilarating Kawaru Jet Boat

It dawned another cold but sunny day so first up it was off to the supermarket to pick up some food before heading back into town to buy a few more souvenirs and then back to the hostel to make wraps for lunch.

the view from the pier in Queenstown

After lunch we walked down to the pier where we were meeting up with Elise, a fellow Magic Bus traveler, for our jet boat ride, something that I associate with New Zealand and was one of my must do activities. There are three different jet boat companies in Queenstown and they are all similarly priced but we chose the K Jet because their ride lasts for an hour rather than the 20/30 minute you get ride with the other companies. You still get to experience some close shaves with rocks where the river narrows as well as lots of 360° spins. Check out these photos and a video of us narrowly missing a bridge before doing a spin, screaming provided by Karin and Elise.

all set for our jet boat ride and loving the heated hand rails

speeding down the Kawaru River on a Jet boat

speeding towards the Remarkables on the Kawaru River

After the ride you also get to go down and look below the surface of Lake Wakatipu at some of its inhabitants including massive trout and NZ’s only diving duck species. You don’t have to worry about not seeing anything either as they have an automated feeding system where you put in NZ$1.00 and a portion of feed is dropped into the water.

the view from the Queenstown Underwater Observatory as part of the ticket

After all that adrenalin, and also to warm up, we went for a hot chocolate at one of the coffee shops along the waterfront enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Then on the walk back to the hostel we came across this awesome oversized backpack and just had to get a photo with it.

Do you think my luggage will be overweight?

That evening, our last night in Queenstown, we went out for dinner at Fergburger. Almost everyone you meet says you must have a Fergburger when you’re in Queenstown and immediately I was against the whole idea. Even more so after one of the bus drivers confirmed my suspicions by saying that a burger is a burger and plus there is always a long queue. I was even scheming to start a Facebook group I went to Queenstown and didn’t have a Fergburger but I ended up going and my hunger grew as we waited 30 minutes for our burgers (although it was a Friday night). When it finally arrived I had to eat my words as the it was massive, delicious and certainly not just a burger.

With our stomachs full we went bar hopping. First up was Winnies which had a very cool roof that opened up just like London Bridge. Next was Buffalo Bar for some dancing before ending up at World Bar for one last tea-pot cocktail. All in all a great last day in Queenstown.


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Ever growing blogger that spent 2 years in living in China, then 6 weeks backpacking around New Zealand and is now back home in South Africa for the foreseeable future.
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